RadioShack’s Bid to Survive off Financing Lifeline

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- “Street Smart” anchor Adam Johnson examines the business of RadioShack as it fights to stay alive on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

-- wounded.

That is pretty awesome.

Turning to corporate america, eddie ishaq was shown -- thrown a lifeline.

They could turn around.

Adam johnson has been looking into radioshack.

You have been all over this story.

Best buy was effectively where radioshack is now about two years ago.

They were filing bankruptcy.

About a year ago, people were concerned.

They turned this thing around.

The numbers are an absolute disaster.

It is like credit insights have called this an absolute last- ditch effort.

Let me show you with earnings look like.

2011, they aren't $.90. look at 2012. the expectation is a loss of two dollars.

It does not get any better going into 2014. the problem is that they need this money.

They needed to stay alive.

That is why they call this a last lifeline.

You look at the analyst committee, zero buys.

12 holds.

Who wants to stick their neck out?

That is the problem.

You look to buy the stock.

A few months ago, i member sitting on the couch thinking -- this is what you do.

Right there next to the japanese maple.

I was reading it and thinking this could be very interesting.

It is.

I was looking for some signs of hope.

They are not there.

They have that the farm on crummy, cheap phones.

If you ever been -- i went to a radioshack last night.

It was depressing.

There were so few crawly products.

I felt like i was going into a store offering stocking stuffers.

Cases for phones, many which are phones that i would not buy.

There were some iphone cases.

You are the last man on earth to buy an iphone.

It is a tech story 90s or early 2000. i would say the 80s. we did a comparison of radioshack versus best buy.

You will appreciate that.

Projected cash flow -- $158 million negative.

Best buy is $1.2 billion.

The equity is 127%. -- the debt to equity is 100 footie seven percent.

Thank you for bringing that to us.

That doesn't for us today.

We will be speaking to the dunkin' donuts ceo as he celebrates five years at the helm.

We will also speak to the

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