RadioShack Falls as Sales Slump Prompts Closings

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March 4 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Julie Hyman, Matt Miller and Trish Regan wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for the top 10. number 10, radioshack.

Lex i love this store.

Tough day.

Found almost 17%. revenues fell 23% in the fourth quarter and the wet -- net loss widened.

They look those up to 1100 stores.

More on that in the roundup.

I can talk about it how much i loved radioshack in 1986. number nine, the provider of solar energy of more than 12%, the highest since july 2009. morgan stanley raised the company to up by noting potential for commercial scale architect within a few years.

Get it together.

Like john travolta all over again.

The retailer is up six percent after credit suisse upgraded the company to buy thomas thing more competitive pricing and inventory management will help used earnings.

Number seven, to pull it.

-- chipotle.

The stock hitting an all-time high.

They announced a partnership with major league soccer.

The largest single ownership and will feature promotional programs of 12 teams, individual players and programs across the entire league.

Number six, american express up nearly three percent.

The company is offering its first known credit card that grants holders access to all of the lender rewards program.

The president will join us tomorrow to talk about it.

I will be here for that, too.


Facebook up two percent.

Said to be in talks to buy a flying drone maker titan airspace for 50 million.

They may be interested in using drones to spread internet access to parts of the world without it.

Quack i think everyone just wants to own a drone company or have some affiliation.

Don't you think radioshack should be called the drone zone?

All whole new business plan for radioshack, right?

Remote-controlled vehicles is there whole thing.

Basically drones are the fancy word for remote-controlled airplanes.

Could be a good new business model for them.

Lack there he carrying -- paring earlier games.

Pretty much flat.

An outage or users in canada and asia.

They have identified the potential cause of the issue.

Working to identify the issue as soon as possible.

Jcp gaining five percent.

Raising the company from stable to negative.

The retailer's results show modest improvement is unlikely going to default over the next 12 months.

Number two, cliffs natural resources falling the most.

Else cargo downgrading to sell, citing weakening iron ore walk-on up nearly four percent.

The company announced today it would raise its dividend and boost its share buyback row graham.

It's also changing the guard here as there is a new ceo coming in to take over.

The highest level we have been at this year.

A gain of almost 225 points.

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