Radiant Orchid: The Color of Business in 2014

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone Color Institute, discusses the link between color and business success on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Before 2014 and why should you care?

We are joined by the executive director of the pantone color institute to unveil the pantone color of next year.

Drum roll, please.

Radiant orchid.

We are bathed in the color of the year.

How on earth did you come up with the color?

What is the vetting process?

It is a bit complicated.

We have a lot of homework to do.

At pantone we travel the world and look for all the clues out there.

Our color antenna are going all the time so we look at what we think is emerging in the markets and radiant orchid -- are you wearing radiant orchid?

Of course.

But it is beautiful.

Growth, renewal, prosperity -- doesn't mean we are getting ready for a better economy?

Ui describing the color this year, emerald.

As you are describing the color of this year.

Radiant orchid dennotes creativity, innovation, originality.

Of disruption?

Actually,k what it is doing is encouraging people to be more creative and inventive and today's society we are all striving.

I have massive respect for what pantone does, over 2000 nuances in color.

Almost back to an adult industry.

We were that with the jewel tones, remember the really ugly, ugly colors.

How did we get back to adult colors?

People are so much more educated now.

Much more information available.

Just on the pantone website alone when we put up the colors of the season, we get so many hits.

There are so many consumers today who are so much smarter than that used to be and they have the world wide range of what color is available to them, and they are making smarter choices.

Window apparel companies and football -- footwear companies rely on the colors and there is a lot at stake but what about businesses that engage in other businesses, industrial companies, what do they get from colors of the year?

Of course, from a consumer standpoint, if you know the color of the year and they put it out there in a concept car or coffeemakers, you are going to be able to see the color and it is going to register in your mind so you are going to be looking for the color.

Being more selective.

Enough of the purple.

Let's get back to our real set design.

"surveillance" graphic.

Our director uses pantone to get the colors on our set.

The new york city set that joan doesn't -- she has only one name -- when you look at color, it is critical, the nuances, isn't it?

Absolutely critical.

When you see things that are pertaining to -- green should be used for such and such but red -- or read is used for such and such, it makes me a little crazy because at pantone we know there are no wanted and one color may not work for everyone.

What role does it have for selling tronics, not clothes or something obvious?

Number one, it gets your attention.

And number two, every color has an inherent meaning that some people are not overtly aware of but they know when they reach out for something, if it is something that is going to be soft on the body, they want a color that depicts that.

Can we do three hours on this?

What about a color where it does not sell something.

The iphone 5c has a yellow phone and it is not selling so well.

I think what choices are made -- they make very, very distinctive choices for their intended consumer.

I am sure there was someone in mind that they had for that yellow phone.

Did you advise facebook on their blue-collar?

Personally i think it is atrocious?


After saying that, what i tell you?

What do you think of facebook blue?

Whatever reason they chose it for, i am not going to be judgmental.

They chose it for a reason.

Most people make educated guesses -- most businesses should be making educated guesses.

Not saying they do.

If they chose it but probably with a reason.

Did you have a crayola as a kid, the sharpener?

Certainly -- in oregon and look forward to seeing it in 2014. featured little changed as we head into a big day of economic

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