Qualcomm Sped-Up Long-Term Succession Plan

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-at-Large Cory Johnson reports on Qualcomm’s succession plan and new CEO Steve Mollenkopf on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

With the fda to get it back on very soon.

I would love to get heated, but i do not know.

We're going to work hard to make sure that the consumers can get access to it.

23 in the ceo -- and me ceo.

The upcoming qualcomm ceo has a spoken with the outgoing one, and this was the plan for a long time.

What was the reaction to the microsoft news.

They said it was both.

They had a long-term succession plan, it just came to a lot shorter term last night.

When his name came out of the public, they had to finalize the plans.

The plan was to get him to ceo.

Paul jacobs is not going to be chairman, he's going to be executive chairman.

He will be an executive of the company, you will continue to be there, running the company as a chairman.

The ceo will be running it as a ceo.

He will be on the board where he was not before.

Paul jacob saying this has been in the planning for quite a long time.

Yesterday just push things along.

Let's talk a little but about -- a little bit about qualcomm's business.

They are in mobile devices, but is that their strength?

It is a company that has really excelled about -- by designing chips, and not worrying about the many ufacture of those chips.

Not worrying about the processors that would move the data.

They been ahead of the curve and when smartphone sales exploded, their sales exploded.

Their revenue numbers put themselves in the position to be on the take.

They went to $11 billion, to $25 billion, growing at a fantastic pace.

Their growing buffets at a substantial pace, the year-over- year for the company has been very impressive as they have

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