Qualcomm Keeps Mollenkopf as Microsoft Circled

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-at-Large Cory Johnson reports on Qualcomm promotes Steve Mollenkopf to CEO after Microsoft expressed interest. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ceo paul jacob said in march.

He'll become the executive chairman and focus on the strategy.

This is sometime -- the first time someone out of the day of family will hold the ceo position.

Cory, let's start with qualcomm.

18 efforts a day makes.

Really incredible, he goes from being a leading candidate for the job at microsoft to becoming a ceo of the company were did not look as if there would be a ceo job ever available.

This covenant was founded by jacob, it was run by jacob gabbana did not look like it would be different that.

Aboard of qualcomm decided to make a very quick change to keep a guy that they felt was so important to leave this company.

If you look at what has happened to the stock since he has been there, he has been there forever.

Everything that has happened to this committee, he is been part of it in some small way, and eventually as a big way.

When the company had decided to have its chief operating officer , as it has been growing at an incredible pace, and an enormous excess, they do not want to let him go.

You think this was just a reduction to the news about marker soft -- microsoft?

Is hard to imagine that this was just a turnaround in a couple of hours.

We do not really know.

A great reporter and bloomberg news has been calling under -- everyone under the sun to find out who was on the shortlist for microsoft.

There are still other outside candidates besides qualcomm and mullally.

Face a problem as soon as it springs up, losing what they think is the most important later, or one of their most oblique leaders, making a really dramatic adjustment for that is creating a ceo job for someone who is not a failing family member, and doing it right on the spot.

They knew what they wanted, they knew they had to do it right away.

You seem to make this move quickly.

Cori, how big and losses this for microsoft?

Where is microsoft with the search?

What we see going on here is a battle within the board.

The board is trying to define with the future microsoft will be.

You can see different factions with the board.

You have different names in different camps.

Their big battles up there, with john thompson, who is leading the search.

When we hear alan mullally, we are about a former boeing goal -- guy.

A man who has refocused companies in the middle of a turnaround.

That is his strength.

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