PWC Plans `Lean In' Talks With Facebook's Sandberg

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- PWC Chairman and Senior Partner Bob Moritz discusses Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's book "Lean In" and planned talk with Sandberg with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West. (Source: Bloomberg)

We have been focusing on diversity.

We been focusing for a long time.

When she came out with her book which was focused mostly on what women need to do differently, we focus on what appeared to be differently to support women he wants to lean in.

What do need to do?

This is important.

You need an environment that is flexible and inclusive.

You need programs to support not only women and men but making sure this works together.

Give me some specifics.

One is around.


they can meet to have been to do it.

You can come back and still be in the mix.

He can still do that.

On the other side we have a flexibility program.

We are trying to create an environment where everybody can be flexible.

You can work whenever and however you want.

They make sure that people can deal with the flexibility they are trying to teach.

This book has been quite controversial.

How do you take that into account?

You have to have some direct talk.

That is part of what she promoted within her book.

Be up and about that for a long time.

If it is difficult, so be it.

Let's manage our way through it.

Let's not hide behind the conversations.

Part of the premise is that women have helped it over the years.

Do you agree with that?

I do to some extent.

The organization as a whole and the people.

Men can help.

In terms of the partnership, the support and pushing people a little bit to the extent they want to be pushed.

I can think about a few instances where i have women not speak up.

I know they have value contributions to make.

I will say maybe you could eat up a little bit more.

You have to have the right environment.

Five of these are women.

Should there be more?

We are working on that.

One third is pretty good when we look at corporate america.

I'm trying to make sure i have the right team as opposed to just the right individuals.

You may make a different decision when you look at the totality of what you look at.

When you look at our team effort, you are looking at people that will contribute to the team and be successful.

In terms of retention, having noticed a retention?

People are staying later.

When we let from the professional services, you probably bring in about 52% female off the university campuses.

When you get to partnership and promotions, you typically end up losing them in that 6-8 year time frame.

When you have specific focus.

A make it dagger shown that you.

I'm just putting that out there.

It is a reality check.

We have to call up what it is.

It is a generalization.

There were times when men pulled themselves as well.

It was equal not just to women but to minorities.

You are interviewing sheryl today.

What do you want to ask her?

Tell us about the experience of doing the book tour.

It has created a lots of stress in terms of the dynamic.

What are the things that have well?

What has not?

What translates in the u.s. versus other cultures?

She has taken this global.

Did -- do you think she has political appeal?

I do not know.

This is a technology show.

I have to ask you but your tech is this.

You just put out a report on m&a. the fundamentals still let good.

What sort of activity do you expect to see?

We look over quarter to quarter.

The numbers of deals are down.

The deals are up about 24%. we see the fundamentals being really good.

We look at cash on the balance sheet.

We think the next six months should be an upside when we look at tech m&a. this is tremendously innovative and important not only to the tech industry but the implications downstream.

There are a lot of business changes that need to happen.

Our ceo survey, 75% believe m&a is going to play a role over

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