Putin Will Not Be Deterred by Sanctions: Pomeranz

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May 2 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” the Kennan Institute's William Pomeranz discusses President Obama threatening Russia with more sanctions. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

All right, it is time for today's global outlook.

Eastern ukraine, escalating violence as president obama and german chancellor angela merkel met at the white house.

The two leaders warned russia they are prepared to impose more sanctions.

The goal is not to punish russia.

The goal is to give them an incentive to choose the better horse, and that is to resolve these issues diplomatically -- a better course, and that is to resolve these issues diplomatically.

And i think we are united on that front.

They set a may 25 trigger date for economic sanctions, but will be sanctions stop putin's ambitions?

Joining me, a director of russian studies at the kanin institute.

Will this stop?

We have tried times with sanctions.

It does not seem to be helping much.

Putin has certain geo- political objectives.

These sanctions will hurts.

They will hurts going forward.

In terms of the short-term to strategic objectives, he is not going to be deterred -- when you talk about his objectives, what are we talking about?

Does he want all of ukraine?

Just to cooler areas?

I do not think he wants all of ukraine.

If he wanted to invade ukraine, he could've done earlier.

His main objective is to under main -- undermine the legitimacy of the current government and delay the elections.

Why delay it unless you want all of ukraine?

He wants ukraine to be kind of invited and that division would be a loose confederation, as opposed to the current unitary state of ukraine.

I doing so, he would be able to keep eastern ukraine at least in russia's orbit.

That is very important, because the ukrainian military industrial complex is centered in donetsk.

He has threatened military action, saying he will do what ever he needed to do to protect the russian ethnic minorities in these areas.

What does that mean to you?

And are we going to see him use military force?

What that means to me is if putin believes he is not achieving his objectives, if a unified ukraine is moving in step to the west, that is something putin will have to stop.

He is keeping his options on the table?


We are looking at increased violence today.

So, ukrainians are fighting back?

Yes, and it is the separatist mobs in these individual cities, the ukrainian purity services during the best they can -- but what option do they have?

If putin decides he wants to send troops in?

If 40 thousand well-trained russian troops enter mainland ukraine, the ukrainian army will not be able to resist that.

And he has positioned them there, by the way.

Oh, they are ready to go.

They have been ready to go for months.

Ukraine is trying to deal with individual uprisings, as they see it, and squash them.

Do you see it at all his success that merkel is willing to join hands with president obama?

Ray beasley europe has seemed reluctant -- previously europe has seemed reluctant.

It is a success, but i'm not sure we know what angela merkel means.

They stood united today.

I think when push comes to shove -- we are not sure to what extent they are willing to follow the u.s. they have very dense of -- -- they're very different incentives.

To your point, he has very strategic territorial goals.

If it means economic pain in the near or short-term, so be it?

Be sanctions do not work in terms of stopping russia.

Where they work is creating uncertainty with dealing with russia.

The added sanctions and the threatened continuous increase in sanctions hurts the russian economy, an economy we believe is already in a recession.

And who would want to invest in their now knowing what is coming down the pipe?

William pomerantz, good to see

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