Putin: We Will Survive and Move Forward

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April 29 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Television's “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson examines the latest round of U.S. sanctions on Russia and the Kremlin’s response. (Source: Bloomberg)

Asian tour and the trip included signing a military pact with the philippines.

The obama administration is defending its latest round of economic sanctions on russia.

The financial restrictions target 17 companies and seven officials and president vladimir putin's inner circle.

Since april 17, russia has done nothing to meet its geneva commitments and it is for that reason that we announced the steps that we put in place yesterday.

We impose restrictions on a number of russian individuals and entities.

There are 17 companies linked to vladimir putin's inner circle.

The president vladimir putin has acknowledged that the sanchez are creating pressure on them and they did not change their policy.

We need to continue to keep our options open.

We are prepared to take more action and we have made their we are prepared to take more action if the policy of russia does not change.

The russian response?

The deputy foreign minister says the sanctions will not go unanswered and he says the white house statement wanted discussed and another official says russia is planning retaliatory measures.

The ideas raised by our western partners to impose sanctions on some russian industries above all on the military industry is aimed first of all to preclude this import replacement and continue our dependence on ukrainian factories.

It is an attempt with unfit means.

We will have done it anyway and we will find an adequate replacement.

We will survive and move forward and are earners will fail.

While russia and the u.s. are not on the best of speaking terms, it seems like russia and north korea are doing pretty well.

The russian prime minister is in north korea for a visit and they are trying to develop economic

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