Putin to Meet Poroshenko as Ukraine Border Tension Grows

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, as tensions flare on the two nations’ border. Hans Nichols reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Minutes from now.

Are they actually going to meet and talk to one another?

Are they just going to be in the same room?

They will have a class photo together.

It will be a working lunch.

He don't know the answer to that question and we don't know if there will be any progress out of the summit.

We know there will be clarity.

If they cannot find the time to meet, then all of these peace talks and cease-fires are just not worth anything.

We're back at square one it which is escalating record -- rhetoric and fighting on the ground.

That is bad news for the german and european economies.

Our newspapers full of syria and abu dhabi.

Explain to our american viewers that dynamic in the ukraine right now.

What is the escalation that we need to focus on?

The most important escalation happened just a couple of hours ago.

Russia acknowledged that their troops were inside ukraine.

Russia added a caveat.

This is a semi-official news agency.

It it -- amounts to acknowledgment.

Russia says they are there by accident.

That is laughable.

The line has been that russia has been supplying and supporting and sending convoys of aid and weapons and arms and intelligence.

That is why the fighting continues to go on.

That is why the ukrainian forces have not been able to route the rebels and a couple of holdout cities in eastern ukraine.

Is there any agreement shy of piece that we can hope for?

Winter is coming and europe needs gas.

Is there any way they could reach an agreement on gas transmission rights?

Let me take that into parts.

On an initial agreement, this is something ukrainians don't want.

They don't want a cease-fire if the other side arms the rebels.

They would have a cease-fire without any preconditions.

On the gas talks, the eu energy minister is here.

There is some hope that there would be a solution for payment.

It there is nothing right now.

The weather has turned here a little bit.

It is basically still summer.

The gas talks will become more important in three or four months when western europe starts to get cold.

There is a scathing piece in foreign affairs magazine.

It is highly critical of washington and berlin.

What is the russian view as they travel to belarus?

The russian view is that they have an obligation to protect not just russian speaking citizens but citizens in eastern ukraine that they feel are being attacked by forces that they call fascist.

The images coming out of ukraine are remarkable.

Pro-rebel strongholds of captured ukrainian troops and they are parading them about.

This is in violation of geneva conventions.

It is remarkable the anger and the animosity that you have in eastern ukraine toward the central government in kiev.

Haunts brings it right over to the economics.

You have written about how this meeting is the best opportunity for some sort of revolution -- resolution to this conflict.

Is that still the case?

This is the best opportunity.

This is not good for western europe's economic prospects.

We are getting all of the other issues.

This is not good for them.

It would be very convenient if

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