Putin Tests Russian Military as Ukraine Looks to EU

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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg U.S. diplomacy correspondent Indira Lakshmanan examines Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for a test of Russian military readiness and tension between Russia and Europe over Ukraine on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Our bloomberg diplomacy correspondent joins us.

I would say that this is going pretty much to script right now.

What should we expect in the coming hours and coming days between europe and russia?

Look, this is a clear sign that was -- president putin is not happy with the revolution and the turn of events in the ukraine, but let's remember that this is not the first such surprise drill he has ordered in various parts of russia since he came back to power in 2012. each time he said the military had to be kept on its toes.

In this case it seems to be clearly linked to the ukraine in a situation where with the u.s. and western europe and the european union on one side, rush on the other, they have been allied behind different forces in the ukraine.

You are so good at the crazy politics of europe.

Who is the lead voice, the lead institution of europe to push back?

All along, the institution that really has been allied with a group of pro-democratic forces in the ukraine has been the european union.

As we know, this all began late last year when victory and a coat which decided to get to signing a trade pact with the european union, but then instead decided to remain allied with russia in a trade union with them, which upset many people who wanted to see ukraine go more to the way of western europe.

The issue here is that the united states and european union nations have warned russia that they should not do a military intervention in the ukraine.

It was a former soviet republic, but a mere putin has called it a brother nation, but to actually interfere and invade would be a huge step and a real change.

Potentially we have russia moving ships along the crimea, the german chancellor, angela merkel, asking ukraine to ask for money.

Which is ultimately more effective?

In terms of which is going to be more effective, you are saying?

I think the money.

Let's not forget, dmitri medvedev, who had been the prime minister, who had been the president before, said that russia's interest in its citizens in the ukraine are under threat.

This is the same kind of language that we saw in their statements that justify their invasion of georgia in 2008. i think that is why everyone is so worried about a possible

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