Putin’s Crimea Annex Blatant Land Grab: Pifer

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March 18 (Bloomberg) -- Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer discusses Vladimir Putin’s call for Russia to annex Crimea from Ukraine on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The russians with this nationalist sentiment.

How will this play out in the end?

It looks like putin is moving quickly to annex crimea, which will be seen as the most blatant landgrab in europe since world war ii, and what it will do is limit the options for negotiating some kind of a path that de-escalate the crisis and i think it will likely trigger additional european and american sanctions.

What would further sanctions look like?

There are a couple of ways they could go.

One would be additional sanctions on individuals.

Only down the line, there is talk of more broader sanctions that would target the broader russian economy by denying credit to russian companies.

Nobody in washington or brussels has yet made the decision, but financial markets in russia already anticipate it, so you have seen downward pressure on the russia -- moscow stock market.

The other members of the g-8 have also decided to suspend operations for the summit in sochi.

I am guessing the g8 is not long as a mechanism and they will return back to the g7. what did you make of the comment that if this did not happen now eventually ukraine and russia would lose crimea to nato?

I think this is a bit silly.

In 2008 i told congress that i thought ukraine qualified for a membership action plan, but i think it has become clear in the last five years that that is what -- that is not what ukrainians want.

Nato is not going to push itself on crimea.

It is clear that a country that did not support the idea would not be taken into the alliance.

In the crimea, the only part with ethnic russians as the majority, it is clear they would not want to join nato.

It is not clear where he is getting that notion.

Thank you, stephen pifer, former u.s. ambassador to the ukraine.

Staying in russia, the country's richest man has dumped his stake in apple and is trimming facebook holdings in favor of chinese companies like alibaba, which is preparing for an ipo.

I am joined by rob lafranco.

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