Putin Pledges Russia Not Considering Adding Crimea

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Ryan Chilcote recaps comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia’s involvement in Crimea on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Ground in kiev?

Vladimir putin is speaking at his residence outside of moscow.

I am in kiev.

I am watching this with all of the people of ukraine.

Putin is the one calling the shots in ukraine right now.

He says he sees no need to send troops to ukraine -- yet.

That is an interesting word.

Ukraine party believes that he has 16,000 troops in crimea.

He means any more troops.

He is not going to add crimea to russia.

Within this, i have got to ask the geography 101 question -- is crimea part of ukraine?

That is correct.

Within that and within the discussion, as secretary kerry is scheduled to land at some point, what will secretary kerry say about that partition?

He has been very vocal already, saying that it is illegal, aggressive, that president putin should not do this, that the pretext that russia has sent troops into ukraine's crimea is hokey.

I think we can expect more of the same, though, i bet, as mr.

Kerry prepares to make comments, he will think about what putin is saying right now.

Putin is saying that he is not going to add remi a to russia.

-- crimea to russia.

He also made comments about victor yanukovych.

And you give us an update on where he is?

He is in russia.

He gave a press conference over the weekend.

The significance of president putin saying that president yanukovych is the only legitimate president of ukraine and not the people in power now is that basically, just yesterday, the russians in the security council and the u.n. said that yanukovych had asked putin to intervene militarily in the ukraine.

Now we have president putin saying that yanukovych is the legitimate president of the ukraine and also the russians have said that the legitimate president of the ukraine has asked us to send troops in.

It is justifying what they have already done.

Does this suggest that whatever putin is going to do, that russia may continue to go forward?

I think you have hit the nail on the head.

He said he did not meet to send -- need to send troops into ukraine yet, he would only do that in an extreme case.

He does not see the situation as extreme yet, that being the suggestion.

Will the strips go from crimea to eastern ukraine and potentially prompting civil war in the country?

Most ukrainians have written off crimea already.

They have resigned themselves to russia's presence there.

If the russian forces were to go into eastern ukraine, that would be a different matter.

The tone we are getting from putin right now that he is not going to do that right now.

They will watch a things play out.

Thank you so much.

Secretary kerry scheduled to arrive at some point.

A guest for the hour is pimco's global strategic advisor.

Douglas toast -- our guest host as well as glenn kelman.

Professor, we look at all that is going on.

It is about monetary theory.

I had to bring it up.

Within this, what will this mean for the real economy of europe?

And for the real economy in the united states?

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