Putin Calls for Russia to Annex Crimea

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March 18 (Bloomberg) -- President Vladimir Putin called for Russia to annex Crimea from Ukraine, defying U.S. and European Union sanctions and ratcheting up tension in his country’s worst confrontation with the West since the Cold War. Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It was not a speech long on de-escalation talk.

President vladimir putin made it clear that crimea would be joining the russian federation.

He talks about how russia felt robbed when crimea was handed to the ukraine and robbed by the breakup of the soviet union.

He talks about the fact that crimea had effectively done what it was supposed to do, and applied to join the russian federation.

He also talked about the absolute majority inside the crimea that wants it to join russia, and as he said when it came to the referendum over the weekend, all diplomatic norms were observed.

We had the referendum that took place in the crimea, fully consistent with all norms of international law.

More than 82% took place, and more than 96% of those that voted voted for reunification with russia.

He talks about the fact that crimea was in the terkel part of russia -- in trickle -- and terkel part of russia.

He also said it saves crimea from nato.

The speech was long on history.

That was the justification for the decision to accept crimea into the russian federation, or re-except them.

It is about nato, the long-term rivalry that exists between moscow and they tell -- and nato, and that is what it boils down to.

How is this playing in russia?

I think it is playing in russia pretty well to be honest.

When you play the nationalist card, it is hard to argue against a series of standing ovations.

Naturally, it is hard to argue against some of the language coming out of president putin's mouth.

It was strong.

The nationalist agenda was clear.

We are seeing concern about what is happening to the economy.

That will be a longer-term game.

The fact that the ruble has been under pressure is something the average man and woman on the street in russia will recognize very quickly.

At the moment, this is being seen as a win for putin and a positive for russia.

Thank you, guy johnson, anchor of "the paul's haircut others do not see -- "the pulse ." others do not see this as a positive.

We are joined by stephen pifer,

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