Putin Admits Russian Troops in Crimea

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on Vladimir Putin taking questions on a televised show and ongoing tensions in eastern Ukraine on Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Very, just in time for the holidays.

It is time to play ask b vladimir putin.

[applause] this is not a game show.

The russian president held a televised question-and-answer show.

He took questions from a studio audience by computer and phone from places all over russia, including the newly annexed crimea.

It here's a summary of what he had to say as told by our ryan chilcote.

It is not up to russia and the west to resolve the crisis in ukraine.

He hopes he doesn't have to send troops into eastern ukraine.

He has the right to send russia's military anywhere he wants.

It one final thing, remember how the kremlin insisted that during the crimea crisis, there were no russian forces in crimea.

Today, he said am actually, there were.

Lattimer putin admits for the first time that troops and unmarked uniforms overtook crimea before its annexation.

They were in fact soldiers from his country.

Believe him when he says those aren't russian soldiers in eastern ukraine.

This is nonsense.

There are no russian armed forces anywhere in the east of ukraine.

There are no special services or instructors.

All of these people are local citizens.

The best proof is if people put off their masks.

Weber is in eastern ukraine, things are not getting any calm her there.

Three pro-russian militants died and others were wounded last night.

Putin says ukraine is not having a dialogue with the eastern part of its own country.

President obama has spoken about this conflict.

What did he have to say?

None of us think that somehow ukraine can ignore russia or should be hostile towards russia.

We also don't think that ukraine should be a vessel state.

What we have said consistently is, we are not going to see a military resolution to this problem.

Ukraine is not a nato ally.

We do have a stake in upholding

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