Publicis 2Q Sales EU1.76B, Misses Estimates

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July 22 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on earnings for advertising giant Publicis on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

From publicis.

3.3 6 billion euros.

Up 5% if you are stripping out currency effects.

Up 0.2% if you are factoring into account the strength of the euro.

They are saying that there were cancellations.

The second quarter has not lived up to expectations.

They are not satisfactory but a company's own standards.

Liking a count -- there is a pick up in revenue but emerging countries are saying they are concerned about the -- saying that they are extremely cautious about [indiscernible] the deal to make a merger with omnicom failed.

It could have been the world's largest advertising company.

It does look like foreign currency -- companies are not willing to spend as much.

They say they need to tackle these problems quicker than had originally expected.

2014 will be difficult for strategic review.

Many of the analysts had braced themselves that the second quarter would not be pretty.

The third quarter the click it will pick up.

-- looks like it will pick up.

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