Public to Force NFL to Change Redskins’ Name: Ker

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Former NFL player Crawford Ker talks with Betty Liu about the fight over the Washington Redskins team name as the U.S. patent office has stated it will no longer protect the team’s trademarks, the battle waged by retired players against the NFL over the lingering effects of head injuries, and his transition to the business world following his playing days. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

T-mobile ceo john leger.

He didn't want amazon to grab all the headlines about smartphones yesterday so what did he do?

He unveiled his latest when.

-- latest plan.

T-mobile will a you test drive apples latest iphone for seven days.

He spoke emily chang.

Whether it is a contractor, international data roaming, contract freedom him people have artificial barriers in their mind about why it was done the other way.

We talked to apple.

By the way, this is great -- apple, the awareness level by customers that t-mobile has the iphone is very low.

This is a chance to testdrive our network, test drive and apple iphone if you have it.

Tomorrow the question is going to be for the other guys, why don't you do this?

Apple isn't usually one to partner.

How did the partnership with apple, abou -- come about?

One of the reasons apple and we are partnering is it is a small update i provide you, emily, t-mobile is the fastest-growing wireless company that exists.

Apple would like to find way to be a higher percentage of the business and get the word out.

We have very good, strong, evolving partnership with them.

Amazon just released its new smartphone, at&t the exclusive carrier.

You haven't been shy as usual about your thoughts, saying that amazon does not know what sign up for -- what sign up for.

Tell us what you really think.

Ok, i will comment on this as long as we come back and talk about music freedom.

Along with everybody else, including cory, rivalry was covering for you, we watched the news today about fire phone, and i was really excited.

I was expected something big.

I kind of saw an old business model, 2-year contracts, exclusive with at&t, a phone priced as high as any device in the market, and i was a little confused because as a prime customer i thought they would give me a phone, but they get prime service to the other customers.

The phone will allow you to point at things and tell you what you are seeing.

For me i usually know what i'm looking at.

Late friday night, i'm not sure having that phone tell me what i am looking at is going to help.

I don't know.

If it is a great success, i believe t-mobile customers can have it.

But i believe the bigger event are carrier 5 and 6. i think he likes the color pink.

You can hear all about the subscription service later today . we will have a full interview with john legere at 1:00 p.m. eastern time.

The federal government turns up the heat on the washington redskins.

A former nfl player turned entrepreneur weighs in.

And we will show you where the government grows some of the purest marijuana on the planet.

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