National Guard Descends on Ferguson

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Police fired stun grenades and tear gas at protesters in a St. Louis suburb rocked by violence after police shot and killed an unarmed black teen 10 days ago. Bloomberg’s Toluse Olorunnipa reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Does 50 speak for thousands, or are they somehow skewing our perception of what is happening?

Well, there are lots of people coming out of the streets everything will day to protest the death of an 18-year-old, unarmed teenager last weekend, and there are still a lot of people coming out, hundreds of people have been coming out, some days even thousands.

So it is a big crowd we are seeing on a daily basis here in ferguson.

What is curious -- last night, police lifted the curfew for the first time in four days, and from your earlier reporting, the 50 people effectively did not disperse, but as the sun rises, do you have a sense that those 50 who would not disperse will be joined by hundreds who won't disperse, or the hundreds or thousands who would join are more peaceful?

At the majority of the people that we are seeing our peaceful protesters.

We are seeing hundreds of people who come out and chant and walk and march, but among them we are seeing dozens of what police are calling agitators, people who are coming to rile up the crowd, to provoke police, and to get a response out of the police officers who are here.

That is what we have been seeing for the last few days, and i believe we will probably see that again today.

Attorney general eric holder will be making its way to ferguson.

Do we have any sense for who he is going to me or whether he might address the crowd?

Whacks well, he has already sent about 40 investigators to meet with eyewitnesses.

He will be coming tomorrow.

I am sure he will probably be meeting with the family.

He has been in close conversations with the family, as well as people in the community.

There is a lot of unrest in the community, a lot of angst over years and years of what people believe have been wrong police practices.

I believe he will want to reach out to the community and try to heal some of those wounds.

Toluse olorunnipa, thank you.

Terrific coverage from him.

All night, he has been going 24/seven7, as are other news organizations.

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