Protein Price Hike a Real Beef for Paleo Dieters

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu highlights how price hikes for beef are impacting followers of the protein-rich Paleo diet. She speaks on "Market Makers."

This is basically more protein, eating like a caveman with more meat and more fish, you can eat less sugar -- less of anything.

No complex carbohydrates.

You want meat.

Erikrik is nodding along.

Any of you who are paleo dietitians, you may see some sticker shock because you look at the protein index, with the price of beans and bacon and protein sources, this has been a straight shot up, six percent in the last few months.

Food prices are up 20% in the last five years.

There is kind of no end in sight.

It takes about 18 months to wind up reading -- breeding a calf and the pig virus, the piglets dying, and you end up keeping an animal because you need breeding purposes and -- i am more interested to find out who is on a paleo diet?

You know quite a bit.

There are some people who are watching who do this.

According to the online study -- 1-2 million americans are on the paleo diet and many of them are affluent.

Only four percent early from high school, 41% have a combined household income of at least $100,000 as well.

The more affluent types will be on the paleo diet.

And this would be massively affected by the increase?

A lot of food companies are trying to bring this to the mass market.

They're trying to put together these packages of cheese and meat and nuts.

Or they will have to squeeze

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