Protecting Your Online Privacy With Safeplug

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Pogoplug co-founder Brad Dietrich explains how Safeplug allows users to browse the Internet anonymously. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

I wonder if you can describe this -- what is a get to be called tour?

It was created by the u.s. navy, actually, and open source project that allowed people who wanted to be protected to be protected.

It allowed them to keep their browsing history anonymous, so people wanted to figure out what they were doing could not have all access to what you were doing.

Having said that, does it need to be clarified that just because you happen to be in the united states or a citizen of the united states at your communications are not necessarily fair game for every organization, including the u.s. government?

They should not be fair game.

Your communications are supposed to be private between individuals or corporations.

They should be protected as our constitution says.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

And your experience, what is the current state of security and privacy when it comes to company to company communications?

A lot of it really depends.

You are indicating over nana net, which is a public cap switch network.

Every person in your network as the ability to see that data.

If you're not protecting that data or the endpoints, they know who is talking to who and what's data is flowing.

Having said that, how do we know that safeplug works?

How do you know that the u.s. or even a foreign government cannot break in?

Instead of going from one person to another when you send e-mail or a website, it bounces the traffic around through relays.

These relays are other volunteers on the internet who have chosen to give a little bit of their bandwidth to of the state where the traffic is coming from and going to.

So, you have the allies who see the world in the same terms, and you also have people with money who see the world in the same terms.

Because you have backing.

We are well-funded.

Morgan stanley.

They are interested to make sure the internet continues to be free and private.

You have a background as a computer engineer.

Is there any possibility that the government will get in touch with you as the result of you creating safeplug?

It is always possible, certainly.

One of the ways it is structured is it does not have a central location.

Dickens -- they can certainly stop us from selling our particular inner nation, because it is an open source project, others good continue on if they so chose.

It really does protect your privacy and your rights under

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