Prostitution Recession-Proof: Bunny Ranch Owner

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, discusses how the economy has impacted the prostitution business in Nevada and the prospect of legalized prostitution in the United States. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

We're going to make one thing clear from the start -- when the other guys do this story, it is sleaze.

When bloomberg does it, it's all about the business.

We are talking about the oldest industry -- prostitution.

So we're going to bring in the man himself, dennis huff, one of america's most successful men in that business.

He owns the famed moonlight bunny ranch along with six other legal brothels in the state of nevada.


Good morning, good morning.

You own seven of the remaining 18 brothels in nevada.

What is the likelihood we will see prostitution legalized outside the state?

Does there are prostitutes across every state, but they are not paying taxes and maybe as americans we want them to.

We want them to pay taxes and we want to get rid of the ruthless hymns, disease, and drug use.

But the chances are absolutely zero because our politicians are all hypocrites.

They allow it to happen, they embrace it by turning their heads and looking the other way during does the prostitution lobby have the wrong label on it?

Everyone views it as sleaze but it is going to exist whether we like it or not?

The bunny ranch is not your daddy's old cathouse.

The motto is not just sex and adventure.

We make it fun and make it a good time.

That's why our business has done good and i'm buying up everybody.

What do you mean fun and a good time?

One would think anyway sexy have it is fun and a good time.

With the older guys -- viagra is our best friend.

They're having a good time, they're laughing and giggling and interacting with 40 or 50 beautiful girls that want to have a good time.

It's more than sex nowadays.

So you are doing well.

Are you sensitive or is the industry sensitive to the economic trends we see?


Business has been recession proof until now and it has taken a big hit, a 40% drop in business.

But my places are doing well and i'm buying up all the ones that are not doing well.

How has the internet hurt you?

You can go to any number of websites and ladies are advertising their wares.

Why do i need it when i can go to craigslist?

In the real world out there, one out of four girls out there has an std.

When you get into prostitution, that doubles.

You have a 50% chance of getting a disease with a working girl.

That's why it works so well.

It's safe, private, discretion -- we are not going to out you.

If you are eliot spitzer, you want to come to the bunny ranch.

Has eliot spitzer into the honey ranch?

I cannot confirm or deny.

He hasn't been there, but he should have.

If he and bill clinton would have been there, they would not have had the problems they had in the past.

Because women are advertising their wares on the internet, have your ladies had to drop their prices?

Not at all.

We work with all budgets, with all men.

It's not about money.

They will work with prices.

It's about the safety and discretion.

No man wants to get arrested and being -- and be arrested and ruined his life.

Look at the pot -- look at the politicians.

Every six months, a politician has lost his family and a lot of have lost their jobs.

But it happens quarter after quarter.

That happens obstinately and doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

If anthony weiner would have been sexting with one of our girls or all of our girls, he would still be in washington.

You see in the industry a 40% slump.

How you keep yours relevant and booming?

We do the right marketing, we have the right girls in there, and our business has not suffered one dime in the last five years.

My business has gone up at least 10% are year.

It's doing the job properly.

The marginal operators in any business in america have gone away in the last five years.

How do you expand on that customer are you potentially thinking of going public?

Rex -- lex i'm buying every brothel i can and want to turn it into a public company.

It's going to be a great, successful public company.

You are talking a lot about yourself and your presence, but when i look at your show, you are not on the show so much.

It's all about your ladies.

How are they profiting from this?

The ladies are doing good business area they are doing well.

We are not having any problems at all and of course it is about the ladies.

Because what we are providing is an adult service and the ladies are the provider.

I'm just a figurehead and the owner of the company.

It seems like it is working for you.

Think you for joining us.

The owner of the moonlight bunny ranch empire.

It sounds like a pretty good business.

We will take your word for it are a coming up, crude oil hitting a five-week high.

He will see how option traders are laying a possibility that the supplies will be disrupted.


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