Pro-Russia Rebels Shoot Down Two Ukrainian Jets

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Pro-Russian separatists shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets in the same eastern region where Malaysian Air Flight MH17 was destroyed. Bloombergs Peter Cook reports on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Any more clarity on what brought these fighters down?

Government officials say it happened in the donetsk region, not far from the mh 17 tragedy.

The pilot ejected and their whereabouts are unknown.

Rebels claim they brought the planes down with shoulder fired missiles, but the ukrainian government says the planes were flying at 17,000 feet, sophistic -- suggesting a more sophisticated air missile system involved.

And the u.s. is accusing russians of not only providing the separatists with weapons, but training them on them.

It is a charge russia designs.

Reconnect to the edit russian military base near the ukrainian order where u.s. officials believe russia is spearheading its support for the rebels.

It still indicates a russian-made surface to air missile system brought down the mh 17 flight.

But they cannot say at this point who pulled the trigger and why.

That is the big smoking gun at this point.

It comes down just as the bodies of the first victims from age -- from mh 17 have reached the netherlands.

And unbelievable scene today in the netherlands, as we saw the images of their arrival.

A very somber ceremony as the bodies were taken to a military installation so the process of identification can begin.

Houses of citizens lining the route, many crying along the route, tossing flowers.

A national day of mourning in the netherlands, which of course lost more people on that plane than any other country.

A lot of anger there over the shootdown and handling of the victims and the entire crash site.

What is the latest from this front?

This set the backdrop for what we can expect tomorrow.

European union leaders are expected to finalize the expanded list of sanctioned targets within russia, talking about individuals here.

There are a list of 72 that are likely to be expanded.

How tough will be's be and how close will they get to vladimir putin's inner circle?

Will they go further as well?

Will they go further than an arms embargo, effectively, and start targeting other sectors of the economy?

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