Private Sector Needed for Energy Policy: Simpson

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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, discusses statements made by Mario Draghi and the messages conveyed to the whole of the EU. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That we have a carbon budget.

One trillion tons of carbon we can burn.

We have already burned half of it.

We have 20 years to decide how we bring the rest of it.

Those investors that take action early can visit better financial returns.

I had someone in here saying the problem is that emerging- market investors are more interested in this kind of thing that we here in the western world.

Is that right?

I think it is different in different economies.

What we see is different governments having different regulatory environments.

You have to remember that large global companies are global and research shows that the leaders on climate change can outperform their peers across the global companies by 25%. what do you say to investors that find this confusing?

They have significant risks and opportunities from climate change.

It is confusing, you need to have people who are analysts understanding where the regulatory risks and physical risks lie.

, chums from regulation come a regulation that we don't really understand?

In the short term, the largest risk is posed a regulation.

I talked about the carbon budget.

Governments had agreed to limit warming by two degrees.

How are they going to do that?

That is likely to put a price on carbon like we have an ae you.

That is going to have a significant drive in the short term.

If they don't do that, there will be physical risks.

We will see more advanced like that and they are very costly.

The landscape needs the change but we don't have an insurgency that the regulatory landscape will change.

How certain are you?

The momentum for change and regulation is certainly on the 80-20. governments are committed to two degrees.

What we need is the private sector to give a more unified voice to regulators, to say we need this regulation.

Create a level playing field and after that, we can compete.

Paul, thank you so much for that.

Guy, over to you.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is up next.

For our heroes, we have a second hour of "the pulse" for you.

We are talking about the yellen nomination.

Economists are joining us to discuss all of that.

We will also talk about what

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