Gulfstream G650: Millionaires on Wait List for Jet

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Daniel Jennings, sales and acquisitions president at The Private Jet Company, talks with Betty Liu about the resale value of the Gulfstream G650 and the process of matching billionaire clients with the perfect aircraft to fit their needs. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Cut in line to get your hand on one.

Dan, i know you have sold a few of these yourself.

We have a list of some of the famous people who own these jets.

Feel -- phil knight , paul allen, you have spoken to him directly.

He wants one.

Everything is anonymous and quiet in our business, but he is an active buyer looking for the right aircraft.

He has been looking for one for over a year.

It is a specific requirement that he has and the price point he wants to be at.

There is only a few aircraft that come to market annually.

You know these guys, but paul allen is worth billions.

$65 million or more than that.

He does not want to pay up?

It is not an issue of money.

It is finding what he wants and paying the price he wants.

That is the difficult part.

The decision point is do i sell the aircraft and take the profit ? i cannot buy another one.

The next spot is 2017. for sellers, it is a difficult decision.

If i sell and take the profit, what will i do?

Why is this plane so coveted.

It is the fastest flying plane ever built.

It is the longest flying aircraft ever built.

That combines for most billionaires who have the need for such an aircraft, this is the only plane they can buy.

The f1 founder is also -- he owned one.

He sold his for a profit, over a $10 million profit.

That is unusual.

It is.

You have a company that had such unprecedented demand for the g650. there were only -- there were almost 200 orders in one day.

200 orders in one day?

Had you seen anything like that before?

No one has.

Gulfstream handled the order overload and whoever sent their million-dollar deposit in was the number one delivery.

It did not matter who you were.

You have billionaires around the world yelling at their bankers to have their deposit there first.

You have the rival, they announced the global seven thousand and 8000. how does that compare to the g 650? it glows less than the global g 650. the g 650 range is about 7000. the global 8000, the biggest of them all goes 8000 miles.

I would assume gulfstream is working on the g 750 -- to rival that one.

Bombard ea did something different.

They allow you to cut in line.

They support the cell of position from owners to facilitate the owners change in financial needs and decisions.

It does not allow the cell of the positions.

Why don't they?

To protect from speculation.

As you might imagine, you cannot protect from speculation.

If you have that much money, somehow, i think you would find a way to get around.

Creative attorneys around the world.

You have flown one?

I have not.

Thank you.

Dan jennings.

Maybe you will sell 12 paul

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