Privacy Groups Criticize Facebook in FTC Letter

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Privacy groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to prevent Facebook from changing its data use policies on concern with how the social network operator handles user information for advertising. Phil Mattingly reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Prevent the company's latest changes to its privacy policy.

Phil mattingly is with us to explain what is going on.

There are so many tweaks in the language of these policies over the years.

What is happening now?

This is related to the most recent one, last week.

Yesterday six groups, including the electronic privacy information center, saying the proposed update that the menlo park company made violates the company's own policies as well as an earlier settlement with the federal trade commission.

This letter was sent to the ftc and comes in the wake of facebook's proposal last week.

It would clarify how it manages data for advertisements.

The letter asked the ftc to step in and stop the changes that would allow for facebook users to have their images used for advertisers.

The groups say that facebook users would, quote, find their pictures showing up on pages of their friends endorsing products . facebook users who reasonably believe their images and content would not be used for commercial purposes without their consent will now find those pictures showing up on the pages of their friends.

This is the letter from those privacy groups.

Facebook disputes this, saying the updates are being up limited to provide clarity.

Debbie frost said these changes will not impact advertising practices or the policies, and the revisions will explain how things such as your name, profile content and more will be used in connection with ad content.

What facebook is saying is, we revised our explanation of things such as how your name and profile content may be used.

For a company that has been dealing with privacy, it doesn't look like this debate is going anywhere anytime soon.

What happens on the ftc side?

Do we expect immediate action from a letter like this?

The agency is not commenting on this specific letter.

They traditionally review these letters.

Is it going to spark some action?

That is unlikely.

The company has a settlement with the ftc right now.

The regulator is always reviewing these settlements.

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