How New U.S. Sanctions Will Hit Putin for Crimea

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on sanctions plans against Russia on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Security adviser speaking on the sunday talk shows, saying the united states is not going to recognize the referendum that ryan talked about in crimea, and the u.s. is prepared to tighten the economic news around russia if vladimir putin does not back down.

We have seen russian markets going down, the ruble going down and investors sitting on the fence.

So wes is paying a price.

The question is whether they will take an off ramp -- so russia is paying a price.

The question is whether they will take an off ramp.

There is a way out that could take into account russia's interest and concern but maintains ukrainian sovereignty.

In the meantime, you have congress still working on getting the current -- president more authority for greater sanctions down the road.

Watch for the senate to act as weak.

Who is on the administration's sanctions hit list?

They are not saying publicly who is on the hit list but we have some clues as to who they would target directly.

We know the administration imposed visa bans -- proposed visa bans on a list of people and the second, asset freezes.

Treasury asked banks to keep an eye on assets of former ukrainian officials, including former president viktor yanukovych and his two sons, who are suspected of looting the country.

Next up would be other ukrainian officials suspected of playing a role in the recent violence at independence square.

And russians seen as spearheading vladimir putin's move into crimea.

Perhaps even putin himself but that would be unlikely to be something immediate, that would more likely be longer way off any real indication that diplomacy is dead at this point.

Right now the administration does not believe diplomacy is dead.

In all, you have $160 billion of russian assets in foreign banks

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