Push to Raise the Minimum Wage Just a Wedge Issue?

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on U.S. politics. (Source: Bloomberg)

Combined with the fact that it is a busy travel they.

We are estimated between 70 million impacted.

It takes a lot of snow to paralyze new york city or boston.

Washington runs for cover when there was two inches.

No offense.

Not like they will get anything done anyway.

That sounds a bit harsh.

But is there any thawing in washington?

John boehner signaling that he may back a series of changes to immigration law this year.

The key here is that his aides are talking about support.

In a step-by-step fashion.

Those who want to see a bill passed -- the kind of thing that the senate has already passed -- not going to happen.

No big bill on immigration.

What about minimum wage action?

House republicans not really into it right now.

Democrats have latched onto this issue.

They think it is something that needs to move.

Very unclear on the process though.

Even the president is on board.

There are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail salespeople who work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty.

[applause] that is why it is well past the time to raise a minimum wage that is below where it was when harry truman was in office.

[applause] nothing is ever as it seems in washington politics.

Just because one party fights for an issue, does not necessarily mean they are really fighting for it.

I would expect that a vote will be held.

I don't think democrats expected to move or are interested in a moving.

I think they want to use it as a wedge issue during beloved oral system and try to change the conversation from what republicans want to talk about.

Raising the minimum wage is a popular issue.

Few actually oppose it, when you think about it.

The states have led the way.

14 states raised the minimum wage yesterday.

Washington was the highest.

Second in the nation, oregon.

In total, only one states will have a higher minimum wage than the federal law -- which is $7.95. 20 of them are equal to that figure.

Some are below or have no

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