President Obama’s Play for Equal Pay

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April 7 (Bloomberg) –- Blue Star Strategies CEO Karen Tramontano, Independent Women’s Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer and Bloomberg’s Michael McKee discuss the gender pay gap. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

-- it will for an evil job, seems as we look at the $.70 on the dollar statistics for women that this will be a pretty topical issue as we head into november.

I think it is a very important issue.

Thank you so much for inviting me.

As we discussed previously, equal pay effects a large number of women obviously but also their families.

Gender disparities are a non-economic barrier.

Dislike non-another economic terriers, if this towards -- distorts the economy.

As a good measure of economic policy, we should have these non--- and not have these non-, economic factors distorting what should otherwise be pay for equal work.

One thing amazing to me, a study pointed out by my colleague michael mckee from the st.

Louis fed which actually looked at jobs that women do compared to men and it was very much apples to apples, oranges to oranges and what it actually found is there is not as big a disparity as the numbers we are getting from the administration or u.s. labor department would suggest.

The st.

Louis fed concluded there was only a 3.6% difference in terms of the wage gap between men and women.

Why is it the st.

Louis fed is looking at this in the white house is not go there are various ways to measure a man that is the issue.

If you look at women's wages versus men, you get the $.70 on the dollar.

If you control for the occupations that men and women are in and compare women and men who have the same job, then you end up with a five percent figure.

Three point six percent is when you also add in benefits.

There is evidence that women choose jobs in many cases because they way -- maybe wants more childcare help or more maternity, and when you add that together, that is what the researchers found that it may come down to 3.6%. are we oversimplifying this?

This is not the only study to have shown this.

Economist june o'neill has done many studies that show the same thing.

Even the liberal american association of university women have done a similar study, also finding the wage gap is much smaller than it has been repeatedly aided by the president and activists.

I think it is important if we want to try to shrink it even more or help women get what they want, we need to have an honest conversation about what the real numbers are.

The administration oversimplifying it i say and women are making $.77 on the dollar as opposed to looking at what job a woman is doing.

That is a very kind way of saying.

What they're doing is lying.

We all know the number is overstated in the pay gap is smaller than what they say.

Men and women are different.

They choose different majors in college.

Nursing pays less than petroleum engineering.

Women choose to take more time out of the workplace.

If you look at how women in earlier 20's are doing compared to male counterparts, they are making more.

Women 35 and older with our children are also making more than men.

The reality is this is far oversimplified the white house and should have an honest conversation.

Again, midterms on the way.

Certainly sounds good.

This is an economic issue.

Not economic issue.

3.5%, whatever the disparity him if it is based on gender, it should not be.

Should be eliminated from the economy.

It is that simple.

In terms of the data, as you know, president obama is going to sign an executive order tomorrow with regard to federal contractors and salary data, and i think that is a very good thing.

More transparency on paper offices.

We want greater transparency, so hopefully federal contractors will comply with that.

Why have i not heard more about the federal reserve study you go this is a compilation, look at various studies.

A lot of different studies out there.

You have not been a lot of studies in recent years, which is probably why it has not made headlines.

Both of these people are right.

Any kind of disparity is unfair and should be addressed.

Because of the complexity of why you have this disparity, it makes it very hard to do.

And as a political issue, it becomes very difficult.

There is no easy answer to this and probably not the legislative answer.

I was going to make the point that viewers know there are new laws on the book.

The equal pay act of 1973 and 1974, lilly ledbetter further extends these laws.

There is plenty of protection on the books.

It is important to mention that paycheck fairness act and orders will not create equal pay but had the pockets of trial lawyers . will make it easier for women to sue if they feel they have been discriminated.

Creating equal pay our businesses are investing on tracking and retaining women come a robust private marketplace saying there are all sorts of groups of there that have networking conferences, video seminars and sorts of things to help women get more money and excel in the work ? waste.

-- workplace.

This is not lit up -- not about litigation.

I do think transparency is important and economic areas is important.

Wherever the women are, whether they are getting paid minimum wage, at or brick, there should not be a gender disparity.

There is.

We can argue about what the percentage of that is, but there is a gender disparity, and it should be corrected.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

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