President Obama Cancels Philippines, Malaysia Visit

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News White House correspondent Julianna Goldman reports that President Barack Obama has cancelled visits to the Philippines and Malaysia as part of his trip to Asia to take part in the APEC summit and updates the latest on negotiations over the government shutdown and impending debt ceiling deadline. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The president was scheduled to leave on saturday for a four- country stop, set to go to indonesia for the apex summit, to brunei for the summit, and then also adding trips to malaysia into the philippines to promote trade and investment.

This is part of the president's big foreign-policy move to pivot to asia after yours of war in iraq and afghanistan.

The white house confirmed this morning the president will not be making those stops in the philippines or malaysia according to a national security spokesman.

She says "the cancellation of the strip is another consequence of the house republicans forcing a shutdown of the government.

This completely avoidable shutdown is setting down our ability to show advance u.s. leaderships in the largest emerging region in the world." i expect you will be hearing this message from other administration officials and the president, perhaps today.

The other stops are still going on as planned.

The president would likely be meeting on the sidelines during these trips with russian president vladimir putin and china's new premier.

These are two very important stops.

Right now, they are still planned to go, but administration officials say they are evaluating every day.

What about the president and his discussions with domestic leaders?

We know he will be making comments, but does he have anything on the calendar to meet with the senators or congressmen?


still no back channel negotiations right now.

The last reheard is the president speaking with house speaker john boehner on monday night come a senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other than that, no updates on any other discussions and it looks like the shutdown is here to stay for now.

The white house yesterday made a point of the president you see there pictures of him in the rose garden talking about the affordable care act with

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