Praise Tesla CEO From Toyota, Nissan, GM, Ford

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August 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jaime Butters reports on various auto company heads praising Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk and Nissan selling its green-car credits. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Very economical.

-- great vehicles and they are very economical.

Joining as, bloomberg news auto editor jaime batters and joins us from detroit.

-- jamie butters joins us from detroit.

Nobody wants to criticize elon musk right now.

That is right.

Dara been events all over the country this week.

Toyota, nissan, gm, and ford, it is like the executives are already from the same script.

Nobody wants to say anything about elon musk because the car is so hot and has been a tremendous success.

Is that it?

What else is at work here?

And why?

What allen was trying to do with varies with the highlights a different challenge.

-- to do very sweet the was highlight the difference challenged critics . and nike said, it is serving the masses.

In the next few years, elon musk is planning to come out with a $35,000 car, which is a lot less than what he is talking about now.

It is still a lot near the mainstream for fusion.

Nowhere near, but it still would be more for the general public.

Tesla is talking about a green card credit.

What does that mean?

Nissan sales has -- have slowly picked up.

They have not been as good as forecast, but they are picking up.

And because of their market share in california, they have some extra green car credits.

California has a carbon system trading -- carbon trading system where they require a certain amount of zero missions cars to be sold.

The companies that sell more of that can sell those credits to other companies.

So far, tests i had been the only one to do it.

-- tesla had been the only what to do it.

And now the sun it as well.

Cumming and, carlos slim is ready to hang up on the dutch phone company he wanted to control.

Also, taking a nap, and managers do not mind.

They see it as an investment in their future.


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