Poundland Likely Above Top Range of Pricing: Kelly

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Brenda Kelly, market strategist at IG Group, examines fourth-quarter results from Deutsche Post and the IPO pricing of Poundland and Pets at Home on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

And prudential.

Which one takes your fancy?

Deutsche post have already posted their earnings.

It was all about the parcels business for them.

Clearly that is one area that has seen improvement.

Despite the fact that we have seen a stronger europe over the last number of months.

It has been expectations.

I think from that perspective it is a very competitive space with the lack of fedex and ups in there.

It does seem to have a fairly up the outlook for the rest of the year.

I would still be a little bit cautious about it.

It is had a strong uptrend over the last year or so.

We could see some profit taking at the begin of possession today.

I want to get your thought on poundland.

The pricing has been released, top and.

John says you have some choice things to say about that.

The best thing about them i feel is that we can stop with the joke on whether it should ipo out of pounds.

If we do see a selloff, i think we could probably see some strong technical support at that level.

We are pricing a great market at the moment.

We are expecting it above the top and to sell -- end to sell with a market cap of 1.1 billion.

A bit of an increase on that.

Poubnndland is only open to institutional investors today.

We have seen the 10 times over subscribed.

At home, similarly so.

We could see it rising higher than the top end of what expectations are.

Good expectations for growth for both of these companies, both hoping to expand.

It is interesting to see them ipo in with proper fundamentals which you can get your teeth into.

Let's talk about prudential in the industry -- in the insurance industry.

We will hear from them in about 20 minutes.

The top revenues come from asia so it is important to get their take on how resilient the asian market is for them right now.

I think that is important.

That claim -- came to light in november.

We saw the share price come down as far to 1200 pence.

The shares were snatched up at that point.

It will be off note as to whether the emerging markets lowdown is going to impact them.

I think the high dividend that they offer and the fact that they are quite competitive, despite the fact that they are quite a traditional insurance broker in an online field has done exceptionally well.

Judging by the share performance over the last 25 months, 150%, it would take some doing to get 44 pence.

I think we will see better than expected.

Thank you.

7:55. five minutes away from "on the move." stay tuned for all the latest news.


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