Potential Return for Bitcoin Is Huge: Miller

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- In "This Matters Now,” Bill Miller, Chairman and CIO of Legg Mason Capital Management, discusses the merits of Bitcoin and why he is a personal investor. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Chairman and chief investment officer at lmm.

It may surprise you that mr.

Miller likes bitcoin.

Why does a conservative guy like bitcoin?

I've been buying bitcoin her slowly.

We don't own it in the fun.

When bloomberg can get a quote on it and it can be securely stored, it's a possibility.

We have moved from the hysteria to this workout.

Are you an investor who sees a new stability within the so-called currency?

Bitcoin is an interesting intellectual and technological experiment.

Investing in bitcoin -- it's like making a venture backed in the sense of you don't know what's going to happen.

The potential return is huge.

The amount of gold in the world is a trillion dollars.

The value of all bitcoin is about $7 billion.

If it reached 1/10 the value of gold, 100 times your money.

There's an efficiency to bitcoin.

In the discussion on collectivity -- what about the theoretical underpinnings that allow bitcoin to be a source of stability?

Money has three functions.

Bitcoin has the potential to for fill all of those.

People of complaint correctly about its volatility.

Especially recently.

Gold was $35 announce and then $800 an ounce and then $2000 announce.

It has been volatile, too.

It has the potential.

Doesn't need government supervision?

A regulatory scheme around the?

I think it does.

Because of its potential functions, regulators will be involved one way or another.

You went away one from school -- washington and lee university.

Will you be able to pay tuition in bitcoin?

There's no reason you couldn't dona it in a week or two if they said it up that way.

Even if we are at a stability of $600, isn't that volatility every day too much to be able to do a retail transaction?

When you do a bitcoin transaction with retail, they converted right back to dollars.

They're not holding bitcoin in inventory in taking the risk.

You're doing it instantaneously.

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