Potbelly Serves Up $105M in IPO Pricing

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior markets correspondent Julie Hyman reports on the IPO pricing for Potbelly Sandwiches and looks into their offerings and room for growth in the United States. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

I tried the vegetarian one on humus.

You get fanatics that are devotees of the chain.

It could have some room for growth.

It has under 300 locations in the u.s. and about a dozen franchises in the mid east.

A lot of concentration in particular states.

A lot of locations in texas.

It also has 15 in new york.

In the u.s., you see it is dwarfed.

Subway has 26,000 locations.

Panera has 1600. when you are looking at sheer numbers, as it opens more stores, you could see morse doors -- you could see more growth happening.

We have seen strong performances from some food icons.

A mexican chain, those shares have done well.

Everything from giants like mcdonald's and some other self- service have done quite well.

Coming up, iron mike tyson responds after he is accused of undermining the olympic team.


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