Potash’s $20B Market Transformed by Uralkali

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- For the first time in eight years, the $20 billion global market for the crop nutrient potash is set to become freely traded. Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Millions again and again and again.

Before we go to earnings, imagine that saudi arabia left opec.

The move would rock the oil market and prices would plummet since the cartel would no longer have price-setting power.

That could be happening in the market for fertilizer or potas h. the biggest supplier in europe quick to cartel -- quit the cartel.

Here is the ceo speaking with bloomberg.

Our partners were not able to achieve the strategy and the best way to compensate is to increase volume.

We are going to pry -- increase prices and market share.

The move still links -- leaves one potash cartel intact.

They usually made deals at similar prices and way above production costs.

The move could cut prices, which is good news for farmers and emerging markets like rizzo, india and -- still, india and

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