Porsche 911 at 50: Get Ready for 'Baby Cayenne' SUV

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News' Craig Trudell runs down how Porsche has grown and expanded its offerings in the 50 years of the 911. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Story, but it is only really the last decade or so that we have seen in addition to these really iconic sports cars that you also have an ability now if you are a porsche dealer to sell a sport utility vehicle.

The pan american debuted in 2003 in the u.s. is one of the best- selling models in the porsche showroom.

You also have -- i'm sorry, it was the cayenne sport utility.

Then you have a four-door sedan that was the first four-door in the porsche showroom.

You really have more of a choice if you are a porsche buyer.

Means more bread on the shelves, if you are a dealer, as well.

It is a whole new marketplace that has been opened up.

If you want to take your golf clubs to the course, you can just about get the men the 911. now talk to me about the new cars they are bringing out as well because the product line keeps expanding.

Crocs later this year at the le auto show, porsche is going to show a second -- later at the l a auto show porsche is going to show a second model.

I spoke with the ceo of the u.s. unit for porsche and he told me that after this new vehicle is in the dealerships, they expected to be about a 55%/40% as far as suv's outselling passenger cars.

That would be a huge changeover.

Of 20 or so ago when all they had in the dealerships these little two door sport cars.

And they were nice.

It is a great story.

I get the point about the fact to do such wide market now.

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