Porsche Opens Largest Showroom in China

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Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Trish Regan reports on Porsche's foray into China. (Source: Bloomberg)

In voters today, porsche opens its largest dealership in the world.

In shanghai.

It is part of the plan to almost double its dealer network in china over the next two years.

They also want to expand into 15 new companies by 2020. most of the new markets will be in africa.

Aston martin is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

It has introduced a new concept for the modern high-end boards car.

The price tag is 300k. here is what sets it apart from the competition.

For me i think it is really the sleekness of the lines.

There is no bad angle in an aston martin.

If you look at the 3/4 view and the weight this fits with the integrated spoiler, there is something that just really sets the car apart.

There is a fluidity to the line but a tension.

That is what an aston martin is about.

Physically, the individuals we are talking to, style is important and performance is important.

There has to be something else.

For us we have the character and heritage that comes with it as well.

Our view is staying quite true to the heritage and making sure we retain that character that we have developed over 100 years.

We can use the credibility of what aston martin stand for in whatever environment.

The u.s. is the largest market for aston martin globally.

Increasingly, we are seeing other market thes as we enter into india and south america.

We see a very bright future.

Rolls-royce is also coming out a new car called "the race." susan li spoke filled -- exquisitely to the ceo.

We are going to have it built for you.

If you would like to have additional features, the price can easily go up.

We are basically sold out until may of next year.

Race is the true gentleman's contour.

It is the first time in history [indiscernible] it is the most powerful brand.

It is the car very much a driving oriented.

Use it yourself behind the wheel . it has an extended track.

It is a marvelous beast to drive.

They also spoke about competition in the luxury market and how bit me maybe outselling rolls-royce 2-1. we're operating in a market segment.

It is a little bit different in terms of competition.

Bentley is offering much lower.

It is an interesting segment they would like to enter into.

It has always steadily grown over the last years, even times when crisis have hurt certain markets.

That is a reason i would forecast a certain portion of high-end luxury potential.

It is interesting.

For us, doesn't really fit the rolls-royce?

-- does it really fit into rolls royce?

We need to make sure that it fits perfectly to the brand.

I have commissioned our designers to come up with some fresh ideas and to take a deeper look into how a potential car from our side could love.

Are you interested?

What is the probability of you entering the suv market?

There are no firm plans.

We are not rushing.

We just launched the marvelous race.

There is no rush to enter into that segment.

We would only do that if it would not compromise the brand.


you are talking to us from tokyo today.

Lamborghini have mentioned to us that they think the luxury market has shifted from china back to the developed markets of japan and the u.s. is that the case for rolls-royce as well?

For us china is still a strong market.

We are still expecting steady growth also in china.

It is not any more as explosive.

Sustainable growth we can expect.

China is still a very important market.

Japan really expects it.

It is interesting to see how the markets have developed.

Particularly due to the economics.

This was excellent for our business.

We also see the united states coming back on stream.

I am cautiously optimistic.

Coming up next, edward snowden speaks in his first sighting since he left a moscow airport earlier this summer.

Allwe will get all the details

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