Porch Will Be Available in 139 Lowe's Stores

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Jan. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Porch Chairmen and CEO Matt Ehrlichman discusses the company's partnership with Lowe's on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


This is your fourth company or something?

Your third company.

What is the partnership?

Is very exciting partnership.

Fortune and lowes will work together to make the experience easy.

The customer walks in and says i want to renovate my bathroom, but not sure how to do it.

So i need a professional.

What do they do?

Today homeowners might go into the store and get intimidated.

So they have partnered with porch.

We hope with homeowners work with the associate to put in the location or address.

All of the associates are trained to be able to use it.

They can help the homeowner with a home improvement project.

Here is what i do not understand.

Don't they already offer a similar type of service in-house echoplex ther?

Porch filled in all the other services.

If they need a handyman or electrician or plumber, they have not been able to help them.

They are trying to reframe the experience.

The homeowner knows they can go into the store and get the project done.

How do you make money off of this?

We are focused on the big strategic readership.

Porch is free for homeowners and professionals as well.

They upload information about the past work.

They source the right professional based on who the neighbors and friends have loved.

What does lowe's get out of it and how do you make your money?

Lowe's is changing the experience for homeowners.

Instead of just being a product company, we are offering to be of home improvement partner.

We let them upgrade and provide more exposure to them.

Now, with the 50 million customers that go through the stores every week i'm a professionals have to be on there and are very excited.

Aren't others are ready and on the game at?

Thinking about companies like angie's list.

Po porch is changing the industry through a dip.

We had the first home- improvement network that has organized a tremendous amount of data.

Instead of going in and looking for a professional, we can identify the right professional for your home.

We know all of the work the professionals have done.

What homeowners want is the word of mouth referral on the and they have not been able to get that from people they know and trust so we can identify who the neighbors have used again and again.

Which professionals have worked on homes just like yours.

Privacy is really important.

We never reference to your neighbor was, just who has been using the professional and who has done a great job.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Matt ehrlichman.

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