Pope Francis Reached Out to Gays

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Emily Chang reports on today's top news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pope francis reaches out to gay people as he had some from his first trip overseas.

The pope says he will not judge gay priests to serve the church in good faith.

Earlier, the pope urged young people to be agents of change as he celebrated mass before 3 million people in rio de janeiro.

The faa has ordered all foreign airlines to use gps for landing at san francisco international airport.

It says it has found more situations where planes aboard landings before trying to land began.

Glide slpoes would sell planes land will be out of commission until next month.

The french prosecutors as the value of money stolen from a diamond show is estimated at $136 million, double the initial estimate.

French police say a lump thief waving a hand gun bursts into the show at a luxury hotelthe faa has ordered and stuffed a suitcase full of jewels.

Police are reviewing surveillance cameras as they hunt for a suspect.

It is not just intel credit that

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