Political Nuts and Bolts of the Affordable Care Act

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Government senior health care analyst Peter Gosselin discusses the politics behind the build of the Healthcare.gov website and the Affordable Care Act. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

3.5 years ago, we started talking obamacare and my babies know about obamacare.

How does the money not get billed out until six months ago?

I think the answer is they did not have the regs they needed to tell the contractors what to build and they did not have the regs because regulation writing stopped for the presidential campaign year, 2012. hold on, are you listening to this?

Regulations stopped while the president was out campaigning to win?

Campaigning an essential part of his campaign was the afford the care act.

What gives?

It was politics.

Pure and simple.

Teacher is right.

-- peter is right.

It is an indictment of their preparation.

A lot of it had to do with politics.

I think he makes a very compelling point.

Should these decisions have been made out of the white house?

What does the white house know about setting up an extraordinarily complex website?

At some point, we should have moved from politics to systems building.

The move was never fully made.

I think the history here is that this crew tried to learn from the mistakes that president clinton made.

Did they call him and ask him for advice?

They called him at the last minute.

It seems this particular administration is not asking anyone for advice.

They are not looking for outside advice.

President clinton, when he tried healthcare, essentially designed healthcare that wiped out the insurance industry and that did not work out so well.

This administration thought they would be smart about this and pilot fish every problem.

They kept shimmying and nudging and moving around to get something that fit in between all the players that already existed in healthcare.

They were so busy about doing that that they never got to the job of building the system that they need to make the machine work now.

That will mean that the next months are going to be mess.

I think the problems with the website is fixable and the cancellation problem -- you are not hearing the secretary may would does not say anything about it.

It will be hell ages.

I think these things can't be solved but it is a little late in the game to start.

It deals with the insularity of this administration.

When they came in, hillary clinton appointed special envoy's. the white house hated that and took control.

They should sit -- they should have put some on inside of this.

It should have been john kosker and got us out of y2k. we were so worried and nothing happened.

They should have put somebody in charge and said this matters, make it work.

To do that, you take things out of the white house.

Are there any republicans to blame and not wanting to fund this?

Yes, they did not repeal obamacare but they chipped away and did not provide some funding.

They created a political climate that made it more conducive to what obama did in 2012. if the affordable care act fails, is there any chance it gets repealed?

Sure, we have an example in history, recent history, about a big healthcare law being run up the flagpole to great acclaim.

Medicare catastrophic was passed in 1987 and was then repeal.

We saw that in history but obama care is sort of the central figure in this president's administration.

What is the likelihood you could actually see it get repealed?

It can only happen with a republican president or in it is not going to be repealed for 3.5 years.

On a slightly more sanguine note, the prescription drug land and acted in 2002 had a very rocky start.

Now people say it is terrific.

We did not pay for but people say it is perfect.

Romneycare in massachusetts got off to rocky start and now it it is a norm is the popular.

That is the voice of optimism.

What if they pushed back the date.

? they knew this was going to be a rocky date.

What price would they pay politically if kathleen sebelius said we need more time?

Was that an option?

I'm sure it was an option.

Some of the states that renick stages themselves did that.

Vermont said we cannot make it work, we will start this thing november 1. if they could have done it, that was a political judgment.

The administration decided it would be blood in the water if they delayed.

Isn't this worse?

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