Political Deterioration Blocks Affordable Care Act

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook, Steve Odland, CEO and president at Committee for Economic Development and Allen Adamson, managing director at Landor Associates discuss the increasing challenges facing the Affordable Care Act and the political battles shaping up around implementation of the law. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Him in recent weeks.

Peter cook with him as well.

What is the date calendars this morning for the affordable care act?

The most important thing to happen today if senate democrats will meet behind closed doors with in this mcdonough talking about the problems.

The biggest problem are democrats who might be going away from the affordable care act.

Or half giving the greenlight to people to be able to keep their health insurance.

Offering the insurance right now.

The current problems -- programs not the more demanding programs.

That would undermine the overall system.

The white house is very nervous.

The question is, can they keep democrats in the fold?

Why can't everyone just agree to delay this for six months?

Because there are assumptions that have been made.

Changes that have been made by the insurance companies that would undermine the businesses.

Not necessarily fair to the banking systems.

It counts on the economy and people being obligated.

That is the worry that the white house right now.

They need to be able to push forward.

Democrats say we cannot push forward unless this thing works.

Right now does not work.

What would actually have to happen if people were allowed to keep their current insurance plans.

What is the procedure for that?

That is the?

. one proposal in the house of representatives.

-- that is the questions right now.

More democrats are backing mary landrieu outs proposal.

The hope is that perhaps administratively there can be some sort of tweak that achieves the same goal without totally undermining legislation but have not heard that proposal just yet.

Really appreciated.

You are in absolute -- you are at the absolute heart of this.

Most of your members have cadillac lands.

Why are you so concerned with the affordable care act if fancy corporations that you represent have fancy plant?

First of all, i do not think you will be able to dial it back.

You cannot just plug that back in.

Plans have to be re-approved and rewritten.

The website is a disaster.

Time and money will fix it.

The issue is the policy.

It will be government run.

We advocated for private competition to lower roof the cost.

-- to lower the cost.

You cannot just stuff the genie back in the bottle.

Now the question is politics.

The senate democrats want to put the genie back in the bottle.

It will not work.

You will run past november.

Then they will slip something to the house.

Then it will set it up for the 2014 elections.

The same debate before we saw the president and the speaker sign this into law.

As my colleague would say, this is the law.

America passed this.

We pass laws and pass them all the time.

The issue is you cannot just tinker with one part of this.

You need all of the issues to work together to lead the charge.

It has to come down to the house and senate coming together with a resolution.

You have to step back and allow private competition and exchanges.

You have to deal with the tort reform issues.

Only then will it start to make sense.

It seems republicans will keep coming back with a litany of things that democrats did wrong.

Why would republicans not implement their own plan that code not hearing a valuable option from them?

The coast the senate does not want that.

You have the senate saying let's tinker enough to get by.

The house saying let's repeal it.

You need to go through the election.

Nothing will get done before the 2014 election.

Both parties are at risk.

Then, the american voter will make the decision.

We can get to a seven percent congressional popularity rating.

Whether it is republicans or democrats, allen adamson, the federal government not set up to be focused on user experience.

Tech companies, the private experience, the federal government cannot deliver on that.

Insurance is inherently complex.

Any time you have a complex organization, the consumers want just a simple answer.

We need to parse and the litany eight the fatah website -- delineate the bad websites from lousy policy.

Within the complexity, who do you blame?

Who do you point your finger at?

In a situation like this, pointing fingers and no one takes accountability and earns ownership, it is a complex issue but with a simple fix, would have happened.

This is why it will take time.

Where is the leadership to do that?

Pete peterson, roger ferguson.

Arguably cap the nation going.

The community for economic development has been very consistent that we think the employer-based system is flawed.

We like some of the changes that came through.

Young adults staying on the policy.

Not denying people coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Americans like that, but it did not want the change to everything.

We were promised nothing would change if we liked what we had.

That clearly is not the case.

What they were trying to do is trying to get the bike enough mass is to be able to afford the people they were trying to cover.

Can i just suggest a middle- class family protectable going from $1800 up to 5000, and then

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