Ferguson Unrest Sparks Backlash to Military Tactics

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Images of police in camouflage brandishing assault rifles and training laser sights on unarmed protesters in Ferguson, Missouri stirred criticism of military tactics in U.S. law enforcement that cuts. Phil Mattingly reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Shooting of a black teenager in ferguson, missouri, a new police commissioner hopes to turn things around, but the question arises, why have local policemen armed as if they are in -- police been harmed as if they are in a military zone.

Phil mattingly, this has gone on to washington.

Is there a single definition for why local police forces have been using military-style equipment?

Vincent truglia teambuilding for the last couple of decades.

It kicked into high gear post -september 11, 2001. use a change of posture and state police.

-- you saw a change of posture in state police.

It made it an issue of not only who gets the money, but how much money can we give them.

The key has been a department of defense program called at 1033 program.

That was written into law.

Excess material from the department of defense can be transferred to local police forces.

It is no small deal.

$4.3 billion worth of mature -- equipment have been transferred.

As the wars in iraq and afghanistan have wound down, there is a lot of excess equipment at the pentagon.

In large part it is transferred to local police forces.

It is not just about the equipment, but also the tactics.

What has changed their?

It is the biggest concern in washington, and it has been jarring watching the images out of ferguson.

It is not just that they have militarized equipment, but how they have been using it -- rubber bullets, sound cannons and gas to push away protesters.

What we have seen local police move toward is more swat-like tactics.

Slug -- 79% of swat raids were just to serve search warrants.

Interesting thing people have tried to figure out is why are the tactics going this way, and if you want to know if they were, look at the change in posture in ferguson over the last 24 hours.

Since captain ron johnson came in and made clear the gas masks will be gone, the police would be out in the field not firing rubber bullets, the situation has the escalated in a big way.

Before we go, what about lawmakers what they are saying about this?

There has been shocked.

There has been genuine shock as they have watched what has occurred.

This is rolled into a political issue.

Senator rand paul, a republican with a libertarian bent, came out with an interest in a statement saying "the images and scenes we continue to see in

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