Plosser: Rapidly Dropping Inflation Not Good Sign

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Philadelphia Federal Reserve President and CEO Charles Plosser discusses his concern over rapidly dropping inflation expectations on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Neutral fed stance?

That depends on what they mean.

In terms of the funds raised in its balance sheet.

They usually refer to the neutral rate as the long run average of the --. if you are targeting a two percent inflation, get you to something like a four percent funds rate over the longer term.

I would like you to expand on it, and you made earlier of a concern about being like japan.

We are slipping into a japanese disinflation.

We are not near that.

What would be the telltale sign that would cause a greater concern?

The tell tale sign for me is if i saw a rapidly dropping inflation expectation.

If our comes up asked, -- which indicator is your favorite for that?

There are so many.

There are so many different measures.

That would be not a very good sign.

We talked about demographics.

Do you have kids ranging from 27 to 34, what have you learned from them and how they approach and -- employment.

They are all employed and all working.

That is a good start.

I have been very fortunate.

It is a different market out there than it was i was coming up.

John taylor at stanford i spoke to.

He says the rules-based regime has to be revisited.

When do we revisit role versus discretionary theory?

I try to get us to revisit it every day.

Charles plosser.

What are you looking about -- at for the agenda?

How about warren buffett.

His letter along with earnings was superb.

Forget about the ukulele and the

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