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March 13 (Bloomberg) –- TIGA CEO Richard Wilson discusses the future of the U.K. gaming industry with Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Us today.

A big night for the gaming industry.

The last of us one of the winners but good times also for the u.k. game development and digital publishing sector.

What is behind the good times?

I think the first thing is that the advent of smart phone technology has created a brand-new significant market for the gaming industry.

A billion smart phones were shipped.

Creating games for mobile and tablet devices is very exciting creating new opportunities for revenue.

What is the talent like within the country.

What is the knowledge economy?

It is very skilled through europe.

A typical studio has about 80% of their staff at a degree or above.

Programmers, designers, artists, animators, all the specialists.

Even with expertise work at these companies.

Has there been a trend of losing that kind of talent to other parts of the world?

Look at where financing for comes from and a number have felt the need to go to the u.s. to raise money to list publicly.

We know that candy crashes going to list in the united states.

-- candy crush is going to list in the united states.

Eu km europe is very high skilled.

It's true that there has been a brain drain.

The u.s. is very liquid capital markets and a very strong sense of business angels and venture capitalists.

A lot of the brain drain has been towards canada.

The regional government will pay the salary cost of game developers because they are so keen to attract them over to quebec.

Is it because there is such a vibrant, global hunt for the lowest tax situation to operate in?

Making videogames is an expensive, risky business.

You cannot be sure that early you're going to have a fantastic it.

We are fortunate grand theft auto five is a hit that many other game companies will not always be guaranteed that success so is that search for a friendly environment.

One of the things we have been pushing for in the u.k. and europe is more generous tax incentives.

It is a high-cost environment in the u.k., isn't it.

Particularly compared against north american jurisdictions, if you have tax production relief of 37.5%, then you are at an advantage.

How are u.k. studios dealing with the decline of game retail sales?

And many are shifting to mobile, tablet, and distributing digitally.

There's been a big challenge.

They have found it very hard to move her from retail to digital.

And they are up against free games.

There are so many being produced and because it is so easy to get games on the app store, for example, there has been a race to produce games on the free to play model.

There are a number of new consoles from microsoft, sony as well.

Is there room for all the various platforms to play games on in the future?

From sony and microsoft, these are very exciting devices and high content games will be played on them so that's very good.

There is market for those type of games.

Because the overall market has grown, there is also room for games that are available on the devices.

You have been pushing for tax relief and part of that is because you want to see the production of culturally british games.

What does that mean?

Shooting people politely?

Asking first.

What it really means is enabling british companies to develop games that might be based on british history, literature, sport.

It's a way of enabling us to compete with north american rivals.

What is her favorite game of the year?

Civilization is a great game, strategy game.

Richard wilson, ceo of tiga.

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