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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Haefele, Global Head of Investment at UBS Wealth Management, discusses the global economic outlook and his subsequent investing strategy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Region by region or industry groups?

We do all sectors and geography fiss.

The way we're breaking it down now is a focus on this global -- that we're seeing.

We would emphasize cyclicals.

Euro-zone equities have double the exposure than swiss equities.

That is where we would be overweight.

There are a cowl obviously quarters through short term.

We have to look one, two years down the line?

We try to take a six-month view of the markets.

Our favorite play rehappies the united states.

We think the that -- -- remains the united states.

We think the uptick in growth that we're seeing is something that is going to continue to drive that market.

We had a couple of figures today from sainsbury and from maersk.

I know you can't talk specific equities.

Give me the groups that you like.

You mentioned cyclicals.

I know you like i.t.. retail seems a tough environment, doesn't it?

The consumer staples is something we would be underweight.

Two things that i took from the earnings that we have seen this morning is one, there is that uptick in global growth and shifting should benefit from that and carlsberg jourks this focus more towards asia.

If you're doing with to play consumers, play that consumer demand in the developing economies.

Are you not concerned what we saw five or six months ago with the taper talk, is there a danger that when we do start tapering, the weak emerging markets will collapse?

So, there is no question, that the taper, that is where we're going going to see a lot of impact.

We have seen the emerging markets go up from q.e. 1 to q.e. 3. the one thing that i would add to that, though, is people sort of forget that we were looking at issues around china and the taper during the summer and now we have seen that on the china side, there is much less fear that they are going to be the cause of a down gragg for global growth.

If the taper and issues around china don't come together this time, we might not see the pullback.

You say move out of the sectors.

You're overweight in the euro-zone and underweight swiss.


It has twice the exposure to the cyclical growth and it is less healthcare, less consumer staples.

Thank you so much for that for now.

We'll get his take on the fed next.

Here's a look at what else is coming up on "on the move." we look ahead to the bank of england's inflation report and russian hangover.

We'll see how they intend to keep profits flowing.

And for shipping giant maersk, bigger is better.

We'll look at their strategy.

Keep it here.

We're "on the move."

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