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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- PlanSource Co-Founder and President Scott Carver discusses the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchanges on Bloomberg Television's "Money Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Changed your business?

It has created a soon omnia change across our entire industry and employers are starting to look at this concept of a marketplace with quite a bit of interest.

You are starting to see marketplaces and that model start to transition into the private sector.

That is right down the middle for us.

Even though the obama administration may not be quite so happy with all the negative publicity that was out there about the platform, it has done your business a little bit of a service in letting people know, these health care exchanges exist.

Whether you are dealing with a private or public one.

Of course.

It has brought the conversation about how to deliver health care or employee benefits in a different way.

That's a fundamental shift that they look to companies like ours to help transition.

I know you have a business model that is different than your competitors.

What are you doing differently to differentiate yourself?

We are the nerve center of the health care i.t. and benefits delivery ecosystem.

That is made up of insurance carriers and brokers.

Our software connects everyone of those stakeholders and as a result, every one of those stakeholders could become customers of ours.

They use our software to streamline processes or improve their overall business performance.

What are you finding as far as running a tech company.

We have a lot of ceo's and founders and they talk about the dearth of talent.

How tough is it?

It is tough out there.

The thing we have in our advantage is we have a team of technologists that have been working together collectively in this phase for the last 15 years.

That team brings a core competency that really allows us to bring in may be an experienced tech talent, and we can bring them up to speed quickly.

You are right, it's difficult to find the talent out there.

What is the biggest challenge that is not finding the tech talent?

What if the next step for plansource?

Keeping up with the growth.

There's an incredible demand for what we do.

This changes been a catalyst for that.

We just did a series b round to help us stay in front of that growth, invest in

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