Pivot TV: Providing Programming for `Millennials’

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Scene,” Pivot TV President Evan Shapiro discusses programming that aims to inspire and entertain the millennial generation. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Sara Eisen on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

There are 76 million of them.

Our next guest wants to entertain them and inspire them to make social change.

Evan schapiro, start with the definition of the millennial's as you would like to target.

We are concentrating on 34- year-old viewers but the millennial generation is between 12 and 34. depending on how you measure them, there are as many as 100 million.

Why do you want a network for them?

We looked at the landscape and while there are certain shows and pockets of programming that cater to this generation, there are not necessarily destinations for them.

They respect the intelligence of this demographic.

We talk about cord cutting, right?

Watching clips like ted clips on your iphone.

Isn't this the generation moving away from tv?

There are a lot of myths about the millennial generation.

One is that they don't watch television.

They watch more than any other generation, just devices that are not being measured traditionally.

If you are watching bloomberg on your computer, it does not show up.

It doesn't today, but nielsen is looking to get measurement there.

Others are looking to capture the multi device users.

It is also interesting, that phrase cord-cutting.

It's orwellian.

Time warner cable, i don't need that -- a are getting the broadband from time warner, so they are not cutting the cord.

Watching breaking bad or walking dead or pivoted on this device, you are still a viewer.

We are creating the greatest generation where you can subscribe to the channel on pay television or you can subscribe to us directly through your broadband provider.

You are offering the content.

We want to offer the live stream and the content to a broadband subscriber.

If usage guide -- you s ubscribe, you can subscribe for a small fee.

Dish and direct have offered the app, but we are working with others to get it out there for pay-tv subscribers and broadbanders.

In the 80s, it was music videos that attracted the millennial's. it is programming.

We have a great show that my generation and the target demographic really love called "friday night lights." we stacked them up and my daughter convinced me to do it because she is a millennial.

She is a fan.

I watched the original movie, which is outstanding.

It is one of the best in the last generation.

These like me is being compared to "girls" and "louis." from.

Dynasty to the walking dead, even downton abbey is a good sign of what they are watching.

They are watching live these shows that are stacked against each other.

Everything is becoming a network.

Cbs, abc, nbc.

Then came fox.

Bloomberg television is a network.

Hulu is a network.

Netflix is a network.

Every consumer is there own network.

You stack the shows the way that you want to.

I teach a class at nyu on television.

One of the classes we spent time on is flow.

Lead-in and schedules matter a great deal but each viewer has become their own programmer.

When the early days of television were created, the gatekeepers did not imagine.

You used to get the rabbit years, then the cable, now you just need broadband.

What if at&t is able to stream so much data efficiently you don't need a hardwire and you can do everything wirelessly.

I think we did a survey on our website about media usage amongst this generation.

Around 13% or 14% is currently broadband only.

That is how they view all content.

Around 24% are ready to leave pay-tv and become broadband only.

It is conceivable that a number will turn into this broadband only television consumer.

But they are still consumers of television.

But we hope to allow the industry to evolve.

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