Pinterest Is Evolving as Visual Medium: CEO

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann speaks to Bloomberg West anchor Emily Chang about the process of building his virtual pinboard. (Source: Bloomberg)

A little bit about the company's beginning.

It was a long road.

But i think most things in life worthwhile take a while.

My parents are doctors and both of my sisters are doctors.

That is minimum, an eight year commitment, usually 12. that has always been the back of my mind when i think about how long they should take.

I think it is a long road for a lot of folks.

If you feel like you are learning and you are having fun, now is the time to try it.

Was there a moment where you said, i need to make sure i do not give up.

In the early days, it took a while to catch up.


There were a lot of times were you get a little discouraged.

For me, what was helpful was having people around me that i trusted and they cared about me first and the company second.

I was folks like my girlfriend then and now my wife.

My cofounder.

Mentors and friends who were there to say, it would be great if you kept going.

Question how you manage hundreds of employees and you have come such a long way.

What is your vision for what pinterest will become?

Class we think of it as a visual discovery tool, which people can get inspiration and plan things in the future.

We are trying to build toward that.

I have so many folks i look up to.

People like you on must are amazing, literally making rockets and electric cars.

I look up to other entrepreneurs.

Jack dorsey of square.

I look to people more into arts and science as well.

Anyone trying to build things that make the world better.

I think it is really cool.

Specifically along the journey, who has given me the best advice?

One piece of advice i got was from kevin hart.

We were talking and i said, i know pinterest will not be one of these huge tech companies and he said, why not?

It could be.

I think that was a cool thing to say.

So many people give you reasons why something will not work and he was saying, what if you imagined it would work and operate that way at go i am

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