Pimco’s Bill Gross Reflects at the Crossroads

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April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Sheelah Kolhatkar discusses her interview with and Bloomberg Businessweek cover story on Pimco chief investment officer Bill Gross as he makes his way through a tumultuous year on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

He is the pimco cofounder.

Mohamed el-erian after -- after mohamed el-erian announces resignation, it has been rough.

Everything has gone wrong for him.

He has had redemptions, the bond market has turned around.

The rally has ended.

He uses -- loses mohamed el-erian.

Why did he let you come in when his back is against the wall?

The turmoil has been hard on him and he felt he did not have an opportunity to express what this is unlike for him and say his piece.

I was impressed by how analytical and reflective he is.

He was distressed to read about the negative depictions of himself.

People are saying he is impossible to work for.

He had to pete -- mohammed had to pick up the pieces because he had made such a mess.

He was a dictator, he did not listen to dissenting opinions and mohamed was there to smooth things over with the staff.

He admitted he could be hard to get along with.

He is focused on bond trading.

He said i am an introvert, why do i have to apologize for that.

He is one of the greatest bond investors ever.

Many people are inclined to forgive him for that.

He wanted to point out that he is not a bad guy.

He is trying to learn from this.

He is trying to pull the company together and reorient for the future.

He is trying to improve himself.

He sounds like he is in soul-searching mode.

He runs deep biggest bond fund and he is ensconced in newport beach, california.

Does he not pick up on the tensions between what he is doing and how people perceive him because he is in his own world?

This affects a lot of people in leadership positions.

He is great at what he does.

He has skills as an investor.

That does not translate into management and managing people and running a company.

It has been so good on the investing side, it has grown into a huge organization.

Suddenly, he needs someone else to manage it for him so he can focus on the thing that he is great at.

That is the role that mohamed el-erian played when he was there.

Have you had the sense that the sense has been righted -- the ship has been righted in a profitable direction?

They have taken the right steps.

They have promoted a lot of talented people into positions where they will be able to challenge him and collaborate with him in ways that could be productive.

Everyone agrees that the structure is still new.

It is going to take some time before we know if it will translate into returns.

Bill gross said this was all fine and dandy, we are happy, we have everything sorted out, but the test is whether the investors are happy.

A wonderful article in "bloomberg businessweek." that is available on newsstands and on your tablet today.

Let's get to a data check.

Stocks have gained for two days.

It looks like teachers are bouncing around.

-- futures are bouncing around.

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