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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examines what Twitter’s new look will mean to users and investors and looks at questions for Facebook as it reports results later today after the bell. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

-- joins us from l.a. i think it is a big deal, emily.

The occasional square user may not think it is much, but for the business side of twitter, this is an important development for the super users.

They are targeting those people to advertisers.

Now your twitter feed starts to change third you will notice a lot more pictures there very easily.

You will notice potentially find -- vine videos.

I have to admit i ended up clicking on an oreo-related vine video.

Remember, twitter gets paid by advertisers in a variety of ways.

As measured on engagement, whether you are interacting with the ran, retweeting something that a brand puts out there, whether you favorite something, they are easy right now based on the new product layouts to favorite a photo, and that can mean additional at books -- ad bucks for twitter.

And you are right -- great timing.

Jon, facebook result after the bell today.

Could they have some kind of a counterattack, something else that my come up?

You would have to think that they will get some questions about the advertising tied to instagram, the not so secret weapon and facebook's empire.

Maybe it will take an opportunity to talk a little bit more about the financial prospects for doing that.

There will be some questions about the fact that twitter, for example, gets a larger percentage of its ad revenue via mobile banned facebook.

Facebook has been growing at a massive rate, but have easily faced -- but obviously facebook has more users overall.

Questions tied to a potential rollout of a video in the facebook newsfeed.

There was a lot of fanfare around that.

A slow rollout for that overall.

Analysts are watching that closely because remember avc video your news f -- if you see video your news feed, it can be higher than traditional display ads.

Those of the kind of questions that facebook will get, especially in comparison to the twitter business.

Quite all right, jon erlichman, our senior west coast correspondent, thank you.

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