Philippines Waiting as Aid Can't Reach Survivors

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Manila bureau chief Clarissa Batino updates aid efforts in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan and how conditions are preventing help form reaching those who need it most. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

From the death toll is that aid is not coming fast enough to survivors.

If you ask me, there are two reasons.

Many areas remain out of reach.

President aquino said 29 counts are out of reach.

Another reason is logistics, transport links are disrupted.

The government does not have the capacity to reach the for the communities that we need aid.

We see scenes of people mobbing airports, trying to get out of the city, tacloban specifically.

Is anyone going in?

The only ones going in are those bringing in aid aside from relatives of those in affected areas.

Everyone is trying to hitch a ride out.

Clarissa, will u.s. and british boats be able to get into the harbor at tacloban and provide immediate assistance?

Tom, i think they will get to the other side, which is where the gerald ford landed.

That is where the chefs are supposed to land.

Once they are there, there is a good chance they will reach more people.

We see the story unfold, eight people killed at a rice warehouse overnight.

What is the response in manila?

Is it a government or some other reaction?

I think the people are naturally blaming the government.

Peace and order and relief is not coming as fast as they promised.

The government has beefed up its police force.

In those affected areas, a lot of it, the police force were practically wiped out.

More than 900 of the police in eastern area or missing or out of range.

We have talked a lot about tacloban and the populated areas.

What about the coast and other provinces?

Are they getting reports about casualties and damage?

We are getting reports of casualties and damage in northern sebu, more than 50 be ach resorts were damaged.

A similar situation is happening at other tourism sites affected by haiyan.

Clarissa batino, reporting from manila.

The u.s. has promised what he billion in aid, -- 20 million in aid., the vatican is sending eight, china, $100,000. i have got to think that is going to go up if china wants to be taken seriously?

They argued over territory.

This is a humanitarian mission.

Coming up, a conversation with bart chilton.

Stepping down as commissioner of the cftc.

We will discuss the future of agency and regulation on "bloomberg surveillance."

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