Philippines Typhoon Damages Are `Unimaginable’

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s David Ingles reports the latest on typhoon Haiyan as it hits Vietnam after devastating the Philippines over the weekend. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Destruction as being unimaginable.

Many people dead.

According to some reports, 10,000. david has a look at all of this.


The u.n. was describing the scene they were -- the scene.

You see cities completely fund.

In fact only some of the trees were left standing.

We expect casualties into the thousands.

You know the philippines well.

You're from there.

Some of these remote areas are incredibly difficult to get to.

You're talking about 7000 islands.

It went straight to the middle of the country were most of those islands are.

So you can't imagine how hard it is to get information.

That is the capital.

We are hearing reports of as much as 10,000 dead there.

They recovered from an earthquake just a few weeks ago.


It does bring us to the second disaster just waiting to happen if the situation doesn't improve dramatically in the coming hours and days.

It is really providing relief and support of the survivors at this point.

You want to avoid sicknesses from's writing.

If you look at the pictures, there's nothing left.

People are just walking around aimlessly.

It has been looting in one of the big local malls because people are just desperate for things like food, water them up like it's coming you name it.

I don't to be insensitive here, but what about the economic cost of all of this?

That has yet to be assessed i'm sure.

That is a moving target.

Bloomberg could an estimate before the storm hit of $14 billion.

The adb says the annual damage from natural disasters in the philippines runs from one point billion dollars.

That is an irregular year.

-- that is in a regular year.

Look at ways of looking at this very tourism -- at this.

Tourism has worked.

We have seen visit arrivals top 3 million.

It brings a lot of tourism dollars to various places.

I will name some places here.

I'm sure people are familiar with these names.

They were all along the direct path of the storm.

One of the most popular places in palau one has been badly hit good there are some tourists left stranded in those resorts.

Keep in mind, christmas and the winter season, the holidays are coming and that is when the peak season is.

Whether or not we get those airport running by then, right now, it is only the runway that is working in some of these places.

There's no power and the airport is in really bad shape.

Thank you.

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